Hey everyone!

Madison here! Depending on when you’re reading this...good morning, good afternoon, or good evening! I hope you’re doing fabulously. For me, it’s around 8pm, the baby and dog are sleeping, the fiance is out of town, the laundry is folded and stacked away, the dishes are clean, there’s a Grey’s Anatomy marathon on TV and I have a fresh glass of wine...life is good.

As I sit here in this rare moment of quiet and relaxation, I can’t help but shimmy in excitement to share my first jewelry collection with you -- the “I AM a Lady Boss” line. I’ve been wearing pieces from this collection for over a month and to say I’m obsessed is a complete understatement. These pieces go with everything, literally. I wear them sitting around the house, to the office, at the gym, on date nights, and even to my sister’s wedding. The versatility and meaning behind each one is priceless and powerful.

I hope you have as much fun browsing my collection and matching it with your outfits as I do. Share your pics with me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know what you think! I love sharing pics, stories, and funny memes with my fellow Lady Bosses! XOXO -- Madison